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Team up to solve an engineering problem from Google.
Are you up for the challenge?

The contest is over!
Check out the final standings in Norway.

University of Bergen and GDG Bergen will again host a hub for the Google Hash Code Qualification Round on the late evening of Thursday February 28, 2019. There will be free food for students, balloons, goodies from Google and a unique opportunity to solve a near real-world algorithmic problem under immense time pressure. Teams of size 2-4.

Check out last year's contest (pics/summary in Norwegian), or visit the official site to learn about the rules and access previous years' problem sets.

The contest is open to everyone, even if you are not affiliated with the University of Bergen. If you do not have keys to Høyteknologisenteret, please call your host Torstein upon arrival at 92652405.

Location: Faklab 3, Høyteknologisenteret, University of Bergen (map)
Date and time: Thursday February 28, 18:30 - 22:30.
Doors open 17:30, live stream starts 18:00, and the prize ceremony ends no later than 23:00.

Registration deadline: February 1
Late registration (no free food/goodies/prizes): February 27


Deadline: Febrary 1 (late registration until February 27)

Even if you have not finalized a team yet, please start registration super early and create a dummy team that you register to the University of Bergen hub. This is such that we may receive enough goodies from Google.

  • First, each team member must register at Google Coding Competitions as an individual. Simply sign in with your Google account and fill in the form.
  • Secondly, each team member should join Hash Code once logged in. If your team has not been finalized yet, create a dummy team in the judge system and assign that team to the University of Bergen hub before the registration deadline. This can be done in My Team -> Hub once your (dummy) team has been created
  • Third, finalize your team. You can make changes to your team all the way up until right before the contest starts. Make sure that your team is registered to the University of Bergen hub at all times.

It is better to register now and withdraw later, than not registering now but later wishing you had.


Time Activity
17:30 Doors open
Snacks and balloons available
18:00 Food arrives
18:30 Problem presentation by Google
Teams are now frozen
18:45 Contest starts
22:30 Contest ends
22:45 Prize ceremony
23:00 Done


Responsible for this year's Hash Code at UiB is Torstein Strømme. Please feel free to contact him at torstein.stromme@ii.uib.no if you have any questions or remarks.