**              NCPC 2017            **
**      at University of Bergen      **
 Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest

Date:  Saturday October 7, 2016
Time:  10:00 - 16:30 CEST
Place: Faklab 3, Høyteknologisenteret

Teams of size at most three compete
at several sites across the nordic

For 5 hours, there will be an intense
battle of brainpower and ingenuity
fuelled merely by enjoyment and free

The winners will be Nordic Champions
in programming. The best student teams
may advance to NWERC and ACM-ICPC
World Finals.

       **  Register before   **
       **  October 5, 18:00  **

For more rules and information, visit 
the official page of NCPC 2017.

         **    Schedule    **
10:00   The doors open. Light snacks
        are available.
10:20   Necessary passwords and logon
        information is handed out.
10:40   All teams should be logged on
        and be well prepared. We go
        through the rules. The central
        NCPC organization require all
        teams to be confirmed.
11:00   Contest begins.
14:00   Pizza is served.
16:00   Contest ends.
16:15   Walkthrough of solutions and
        prize ceremony.

         **   Questions    **
Q: How do I register my team?
A: Follow the instructions here.
Q: I am not affiliated with UiB, may I
   compete at Høyteknologisenteret?
A: Yes. Note that you should select 
   University of Bergen during
   registration of your team.
Q: I am an exchange student at UiB,
   may I still compete?
A: Yes. You are also eligible for
   the UiB teams that go to NWERC.

Q: I am not a student at all, may I
   still compete?
A: Yes, but you will not be eligible
   to advance to NWERC and ACM-ICPC.

Q: Am I eligible to advance to NWERC
   and the ACM-ICPC World Finals?
A: See this chart.

Q: What prizes are there?
A: There will be prizes for the best
   student team and the best bachelor
   level student team, and possibly
   some prizes based on secret

Q: May I bring any books?
A: Any written supporting material is
   allowed. See the offical rules.

Q: The door to Høyteknologisenteret
   is locked, and I don't have a key.
   What do I do?
A: Call Torstein at 92652405.

Q: Who do I contact if I have more
A: Send an email to the UiB site
   organiser Torstein Strømme
   <torstein.stromme ii.uib.no>